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adidas today reveals Finale Istanbul, the Official Match Ball for the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League knockout stages. Drawing its inspiration from the host city, where East and West merge, the intricate design features a hand drawn artistic interpretation of a map of Istanbul, which uniquely bridges the two continents of Europe and Asia.

The Official Match Ball of the final has been designed to highlight the famous stars of the UEFA Champions League. Nodding to Istanbul’s deep culture of art, the carefully placed white stars contrast to a hand printed artwork of a map of the city which can be followed and adorns the rest of the ball. At the centre of this is the Bosporus narrow, a natural waterway that flows through the country and city itself to merge East and West.

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adidas Finale Istanbul
Official Match Ball of the UEFA Champions League knockout stages

Fusing art and football, adidas designers looked to more traditional methods to bring the map pattern to life, first crafting it by carving in wood, before printing with lino to blend heritage and innovation. The striking purple colour palette is inspired by the hues of the setting sun over the river from East to West.

The ball features the latest adidas performance technology to help ensure Europe’s top can perform at their best during the UEFA Champions League Final. Offering the same high-performance structure and panels as recent iterations of the iconic star ball, an outer texture coating gives a secure grip and complete control while the panels are thermally bonded, with more sustainable glue, to provide a seamless surface for an improved first touch. Equally distributed colour and the star formation are arranged across the ball to ensure peak performance and enhance aerobatic stability.

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Featuring a hand drawn artistic interpretation of a map of Istanbul
Ensure Europe’s top can perform at their best during the UEFA Champions League Final

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