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adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight
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adidas X Ghosted+ FG – Inflight

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See these? Your rivals won't. Fast used to be fast enough. But you're about to leave all that behind. Gear up and ghost everyone in these laceless adidas X Ghosted+ football boots. The raised forefoot means you're always ready to roll. On the outsole, a springy carbon-fibre insert propels you forward with every push-off. Low-profile and lightweight, the thin composite upper adds secure lockdown while keeping your ankles free.

  • Regular fit
  • Laceless vacuum fit
  • Ultralight Mirageskin upper
  • Low-cut collar for ease of movement
  • Firm ground football boots
  • Sprint spike silhouette
  • Speedframe outsole with Carbitex carbon-fibre insert

Selecting the correct boot for the surface you are playing on is crucial. Not only for the overall performance and longevity of your football boots but also to avoid the risk of personal injury.

Using a ground-type that isn't designed specifically for the surface you are playing on may cause premature wear & tear, and may result in damage that will not be deemed as a fault of manufacture and may affect returns or exchanges.

Ground Type:
FG - Firm Ground: Designed to give you best grip and comfort on natural grass pitches in dry to slightly wet conditions. FG boots are perfect for summer and pre-season before the wet weather takes over.
SG - Soft Ground: Designed to give you maximum grip and traction in wet and muddy conditions. SG boots due to the length and layout of their studs are best suited for soft winter conditions. This type of boot is not suited for use on firm ground.
AG - Artificial Ground: Designed specifically to work alongside the extra abrasion that synthetic grass gives. AG boots will usually feature a higher number of studs and improved durability of the upper to counteract the harshness of artificial grass.
FxG/MG - Flexible Ground / Mixed Ground: Designed to be suitable for use on most playing surfaces including; firm ground, hard ground, and artificial ground.
IN/IT - Indoor: Used for small sided games, such as 5-a-side or futsal, indoor soles are made up of a non-marking rubber. Indoor courts are traditionally made of hard wooden floor, so the sole is usually very flat with grooves cut throughout to help manoeuvrability and comfort.
TF - Turf: Designed to be used on water or sand-based artificial grass pitches. They can also be used on AG pitches but due to their short rubber stud they offer less grip.

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