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Worlds Football Elite Trust These Socks

Produced out of Austria, Tape Design grip socks feature functional anti-slip technology, giving you more balance and stability on the training ground. Experience a noticeable change in your training sessions, through a better grip and increased agility.

Tape Design's socks basically eliminate any kind of slipping inside your shoe or boot by placing sticky dots on the bottom of the socks. This brings a massive dynamic difference in many sports as it allows for faster direction turns and less lost energy with every step.

They are a true performance product made for match days and any footballer should try anti-slip socks. Why? Pro players get their boots customized for their needs (and therefore have fewer problems with slipping generally), while amateur footballers often have boots that do not fit perfectly. So, anti-slip socks do usually bring even more benefits for amateur players than for pros, of which more and more are starting to wear anti-slip socks to hugely increase performance.

Join the grip sock revolution today and take your game to the next level.

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