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Puma FUTURE Z Grip 1 Hybrid GK Gloves – Neon-Yellow/Black
  • SKU: 04175201-7

Puma FUTURE Z Grip 1 Hybrid GK Gloves – Neon-Yellow/Black

  • Future Z Grip 1 fitted with PUMA 4mm Elite+ Grip Latex, offering a superior grip in all weather.
  • Thumb Wrap for more latex and grip.
  • Hybrid Cut offering the most possible latex.
  • Silicone punchzone at the back, for powerful punches.
  • Zip close.

Goalkeeper Gloves Sizing Guide

Goalkeeper Gloves should be a slightly large fit allowing for a 0.5cm to 1.3cm extension past your finger tips. In contrast though a glove that is too big can cause you to have less control. Getting the right size is important and can be the difference between making a save or letting a goal in.

Glove Size Hand Width Approx Age Approx Height
5 65mm - 70mm 7-9 years 140cm - 149cm
6 70mm - 75mm 10-12 years 149cm - 152.5cm
7 75mm - 80mm 10-12 years 152.5cm - 165cm
8 80mm - 85mm Adult 165cm - 175cm
9 85mm - 90mm Adult 175cm - 180cm
10 90mm - 95mm Adult 180cm - 185cm
11 95mm - 100mm Adult 185cm - 200cm
12 100mm - 105mm Adult 200+cm